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Hi, welcome to the Face Food testing family

Hello Great Community, We are a young company, our goal is to focus on the needs of our users and consumers, so that they can have a better experience. In this same context, we are offering a "beta" test version in order to gather as much feedback as possible before launching a final version of our application: Play store web link: Link play store mobile: In a world where the consumer is infantilised, we have sought to create a rating system that depends on you: the ZigZag rating, with 5 criteria that you weight as you see fit! (Nutriscore, Additives, processing score, ecological score, Organic) On the other hand, we wanted to get as close as possible to your health, so we incorporated a criterion that is absent from other applications, even though it is fundamental in the choice of your food products: the degree of processing of the product. The app scans the barcode of food items to unmask their nutritional composition by rating them overall. What is the great added value compared to Yuka and other applications: It is quite simple: a rating system that depends on you: the Zig Zag rating. So, what is Zigzag notation? Problem: Certainly other applications do not take into account the ultra-processing and the ecological score of a product for the rating. For example, for them, if a product is not very salty and sweet but contains ingredients characteristic of ultra-processing, it could be highly rated. Face Food solution: the method of rating food products which is based on five criteria: (Nutriscore, Additives, Processing index, Environmental index, biological dimension), the percentages of each of these criteria can be changed by you . The application already suggests 4 example notations on the configuration tab. User demo: Presentation of the application:

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